Tuesday, February 14, 2012


For the first time in a long while (since high school) I started up again with my love for animation. It's been a while since I've animated traditionally, so I may be a bit rusty on my approach.
I still like it though. This is of a Dingo character reacting to a noise in the background.


  1. You should invest in a simple pegbar to keep your animation from creeping around. Also, Eric Goldberg has his earless dog character do a reaction just like this, it's in his Crash Course book. He achieves a bit more impact because he adds a smear to the nose and staggers the pacing more.

  2. Actually I have a peg bar! However, I just don't have the expensive whole punch for the specific peg bar ( I actually have the acme peg bar) otherwise would use it. Also I have the Goldberg book and have read bits and pieces from it. I do plan on reading more in-depth with it as soon as I can get the necessary stuff to do so. I have the peg bar, light box with a peg bar attached and a very small stack of animation paper. Unfortunately I've calculated that I just wouldn't have enough for practice. I'd have enough for two 4 seconds of animation without the cushioning. This was a simple traditional test using printer paper. I do thank you for your comment and appreciate any advice you could give me. I am being self-taught animation through the use of books I've acquired. Mostly birthday gifts (like the animation peg and light box.)