Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Going Live! Supporting the Artist!

Hey everyone! Just letting you all know that I'm now going to start doing live sessions on both Periscope and doing YouTube Videos as well as Google Hangouts to get better in touch with everyone out there! I'm currently busy working on a big project aside from the Animals project. I'd also invite everyone to please help support me on my new Patreon page! Anything helps!

For those just wanting to meet with and just shoot the breeze with me and chill, I'll be making announcements on my twitter feed on my Google Hangouts!

My Sketch sessions can be found on Periscope. You can ask live any questions, inquiries, or just chat with me as I draw. You can see when I jump on Periscope mostly through twitter and occasionally through my Instagram!
PROJECT ROACH is the name of the new project I created. Its my very own "Read" your own adventure. You can see some progress on my alternate twitter feed @RoachProject

That's all I got for now.  Thanks for all my supporters whom have been following me so far! I couldn't have gone so far without you!